Aleph-Écriture is the first creative writing school in France. Created in 1985 and based in Paris, it welcomes French speakers of all levels living in the United States who are willing to improve their writing skills in French.

The school has developed its own pedagogy with programs covering numerous styles of writing and materials: journal, blog, literature, academia. Our goal is to help everyone deepen their own writing projects.

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The quality certification was issued under the following category of action: training actions.

The quality of our workshops and training has been certified as compliant with the national quality standard: QUALIOPI. Our workshops are eligible for funding under vocational training.

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Online Literary magazine

Discover Aleph’s community! Every month, l’Inventoire offers writing proposal echoing the “Open Bookstore Workshops” which take place all over France.

Choose your format​​

To make our ateliers more accessible in North America, we have developed two new different formats:

Ateliers via TEAMS*

By joining your atelier group through our Teams platform, you will be able to enjoy the facilities and expertise of Aleph-Écriture
in real time. The workshop is organized in two parts. The first one is dedicated to writing sessions (maximum 12 people), and the second focuses on readings and discussions. Each class lasts from 2 to 3 hours.

*Microsoft Teams is a free online platform that allows to organize workshops and conversations in real time.

Ateliers via e-mail

Just like our Teams ateliers, in this format you benefit from writing suggestions, reading time, proofreading and feedback from other participants as well as from your French native coach. The rhythm of the exchanges is different compared to the previous format: you have a week to write and another week to discover and read the texts of your peers. It is up to you to choose your working times. Only the dates to send your texts are fixed. You can write for 10 minutes per day (or 10 hours!)from noon to midnight

Choose your atelier

Écrire avec nos contemporains

An atelier inspired by recent publications of contemporary literature, both French and foreign. The goal here is to enrich and deepen the participants’ writing and reading.

Expérimenter l'atelier d'écriture

Discover what a writing proposal is, the texts of authors on which it is based, its effect on you. The session ends with an orientation time and presentation of the activities corresponding to your expectations.

Poésies du quotidien

An atelier led by three French native coaches who are passionate about poetry. They will instill some poetry in your life on a daily basis.


Délices du haïku

An atelier created for those interested in learning more “haiku”as well as in discovering the variations and subtleties of this contemporary expression of Japan’s poetry production.

La Formation générale à l’écriture littéraire

A six-unit writing course created to explore literary writing. Units 1, 2, and 3 are interrelated and form the foundational part of the program. Units 4 to 6 are focused on the conclusion of short projects.

Mise en plume

A dynamic atelier conceived to stimulate the production of short stories, and to let your creativity flows.

Choose a personal writing coach or a destination

Nos séjours d'écriture

Take a break from everyday life to devote yourself to writing in an inspiring setting: it is with this in mind that Aleph-Writing has designed these programs, taking advantage of the resources and infrastructures of FL workshops.

Techniques rédactionnelles

The unit ” Techniques rédactionnelles” is intended for those who write professionally and are looking for a lively, clear, concise and effective writing style.

Améliorer son orthographe et sa syntaxe

An individual meeting with a professional. The goal here is to reacquaint with the rules of French language at your own pace, and to learn how to proofread and correct yourself.